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What Makes Us Happy With Our Interior?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Who doesn't want to be happy right? With all the talk and news on the Corona Virus, let's take a short break and focus on more happier topics.

What happens when we work on all relationships except for the relationships we have between us and our home? Believe it or not, this can have a toll on your emotions. Not only is this your personal space, but also a place where you invite other people to enter into your environment where you create connections and bonds. Imagine how much of a bonus it would be if your interior space is not only eye catching, but speaks through your personality.

For those of you living in Nairobi, you know how it is when we have guests over; we always want to be accommodating and ensure our house is looking spectacular; because this represents us as people, and as social beings, we want other's to approve or at least acknowledge our taste; because this will entice positive emotions in people and ourselves. We live in a self-growth era; eliminating the things that give us negative energy and embracing anything that feeds us positivity. Good interior brings a combination of structure and placement, alongside aesthetics. Without the two going hand in hand, home interior will always have something missing. Not to forget adding your own personal touch, because why copy others? For instance you prefer a contemporary look, having less will bring out the organized and modern look with the right, minimal aesthetics. Alternatively, you may have a more traditional, or vintage taste; where color and art is vital. It's also important to note that this will be your space every single day, so if you don't get it right, this means you're compromising your comfort and personal space. What creates a negative space? There are many reasons but to name a few; clutter, no color (although this is a personal choice) or brightness, outdated furniture or poor quality furniture, noise and more.

So how can we be happy with our interior?

1. Tell Your Story

As we mentioned, your home should represent your values and personality/personalities. Everyone has a life story, how do you illustrate yours through your home?

2. Big Furniture, Neutral Tones

Not only will this save you money, but also give you a neat, balanced look. You wouldn't want to clutter your space when you have big furniture.

3. Use White

When it comes to neutral tones, white has always had a pleasant look; and relates to more favorable situations. It creates a brighter, and wider look even in a small room.

4. Customize the Look

Match the items but don't match it too much. Create blending colors that match with other colors, and position items that blend with other items in the house. You could get a TV cabinet that matches with the coffee table, and buy furniture that compliments the colors of those items.

5. Use Attractive Incense

Last but not least, ALL your senses play a role on how you feel. In order to create surroundings that are appealing to the eye, it's important to create a great-smelling environment. You can choose scented candles, fragrant smokes, essential oils, or whatever your preference,

All in all, remember that your home should make YOU feel great, so choose wisely.

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