Sofi’s Gallery is a luxury furniture store in Kenya redefining elegance in the furniture retail industry through state of the art dining, bedroom and living room pieces.


Our collection features a variety of uniquely designed couches, cabinets, beds and dining sets made with love using high end material to suit your personal style.


We are recognized for our signature leather seats which are the true testament of elegance that defines your space. From vibrant to classic colours, ultra modern to contemporary designs,


Sofi’s gallery gives you the best statement couch that creates the desired ambiance for you. We believe that furniture reflects personality thus we delight in delivering exceptional customer service to help you select a couch/bed/dining set that best compliments your persona.



Whether you are going for a bold, vibrant, timeless, classic or simply fine interior, we got the couch that will elegantly fit your style and define your living space.


The Sofi’s Gallery couches have a 10 year warranty!


We believe that appearances matter in defining style/personality and have distinguished our-selves as the only leather specific luxury furniture brand in Kenya.


We are very receptive to our clients, their needs and their feedback creating meaningful relationships with them that helps us serve them better than the last time.


Our professional team continues to create a warm atmosphere that makes Sofi’s Gallery home to every person that yearns to create their distinctive signature style.

From our flagship store in Ethiopia, and our recent expansion into Kenya, our showrooms are a magnificent exhibition of the elegance and timeless style that we hope to inspire our clients to pull off.

1. Pazza, Addis Ababa- ET
2. Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road, Nairobi- KE
3. Two Rivers Mall Nairobi-KE (Coming Soon)